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The ReelDx Course Catalog presents your students with a sequence of cases, each containing assessments, in order to develop their understanding of a given topic.

Moving through these Courses is an easy series of steps for students, which are the following:

1. First, the student should click on the Collections tab at the top of the page to view the Courses they have been assigned.

2. The student then clicks on the Course.

3. Here, the student will see all of the cases within this Course. However, only the first case can currently be accessed - each case is unlocked whenever the previous case is complete.

4. Once student watches the case video, they can then move to the first drawer. Any case can have assessments after the video or the drawers of the case.

5. Once the student submits their answers in the assessment, they are given feedback based on their answers. If there are any problems with the question, they can let us know by clicking the questions mark here.

6. As the student moves through the case, they are told their progress through the case on the side of the screen here.

7. Once the case is complete, the student can begin the next case in the course. Repeat steps 4-6 until the course is done!

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