Using the Course Catalog
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The ReelDx Course catalog is a library of ready made courses and assessments, created by ReelDx faculty. These courses can be assigned to your students to aid their learning in a variety of topics, and enhance their educational experience.

Browsing the Catalog

To find the Courses that are right for your students, click on the Catalog tab at the top of the page.

Then at the Course landing page, you can see what cases are included in the course, how many assessments in contains, as well as the description and learning objectives of this course.

Whenever you find a Course suited to your needs, click on the top left button "Assign this Course."

Adding Students to Courses

Once you have picked a Course and clicked "Assign this Course," the course will appear on your Collections page. Click the "Collections" tab at the top of your screen, and find your Course.

Here you can assign the Course just like you would assign any of your collections. Check out our article on assigning collections to learn more!

Viewing Student Progress

Once your students have been assigned the Course, they can view and complete it. In order to check on your students' progress, click on the Dashboard button found on the Course landing page.

Here you can see if your student has completed the course, as well as what time they have started and finished it.

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