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Detailed descriptions of what all you can find inside of a ReelDx case.

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Each of our real patient video cases has a standardized format. They all contain the same basic components of information arranged inside of drawers. The data changes from case to case, specific to that patient, but you can always count on the cases having the same drawers.

Anchoring Video

You can play a short video (typically 1-2 minutes long) to see a real-life example of the patient interacting with a healthcare provider.

Vitals & Demographics

This section includes information about the patient and their presenting symptoms:

  • Gender, age, weight

  • Vitals

  • Signs & symptoms

  • Medical & social history

  • List of current medications

Differential Diagnosis & Patient Workup

This section provides a list of differential diagnoses the provider developed during their patient encounter.

Patient Workup

This section contains the patient workup that was performed during this encounter.


This section provides the medical diagnosis that was determined by the healthcare provider after the patient was seen.

Actual Outcomes

This section includes treatment and disposition information associated with the case. If the case includes any additional supporting videos, photographs, or multimedia (such as x-rays, ultrasound or other diagnostic tools), this is where students will find that information.

Standards of Care

This section includes standard diagnostic and treatments commonly suggested to manage this particular medical condition. If applicable, some cases may include links to 3rd party websites for more information. For example, in the case below (case 523 | Acute onset chest pain with history of myocardial infarction) a link to Medscape’s overview of Angina Pectoris is included.

Key Points & Editorial

This section includes editorial comments that have been added to the case by the ReelDx Faculty team.

Publication Information

Lists the case author(s) and when the case was last reviewed and updated by one of our ReelDx Faculty members.

Forum Post

Each of our cases has a built-in forum post associated with it. This is where you can ask questions about the case and discuss best practices with your fellow educators.

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