Why Join the ReelDx Faculty?

Learn about the benefits of becoming a ReelDx Faculty member, both individually and for your organization.

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As a ReelDx Faculty member, your effort to capture the real patient experience will help the next generation of healthcare professionals gain insight and confidence faster than ever. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn from other educators and providers and advance your career.

  • Add Publishing Credits

    Your cases can be considered peer-reviewed, academic publishing. Add publishing credit, tech startup experience, and pedagogy to your CV and LinkedIn Profile.

  • Make an Impact

    Our ReelDx Faculty dashboard lets you see how many times your cases have been assigned and viewed. Each case includes a message board for educators to ask questions, provide feedback, and describe their usage of the case with students.

  • Gain Visibility for Your Work

    You’ll have opportunities to present your cases in live webinar settings and conferences. And, you’ll be part of an exclusive community of healthcare practitioners who discuss best practices, help improve our product, and get access to lots of partnerships that can extend your reach.

  • Earn Shares of ReelDx

    After six months, you’ll start to earn shares of ReelDx! It’s our way of saying thank you for your hard work. We want you to have some skin in the game, so if ReelDx becomes the standard for healthcare education that we believe it can become, then everyone will benefit when the company takes off. That includes you.

Benefits for Institutions Who Help with Case Contribution

You'll be joining a national platform with cases provided by peer institutions, such as Yale University School of Medicine and Oregon Health & Science University.

1. You own the cases to use as you see fit: training, quality control, or anything else

You grant ReelDx a worldwide, perpetual license to the cases, but you own them. You can use these cases - and the ReelDx platform - to help train healthcare professionals, to provide quality control, or any other use case.

2. Royalty Pool for cases contributed

A portion of ReelDx profits are earmarked for a royalty pool for future payout. It won’t make anyone wealthy, but we believe in rewarding our partner institutions as our company grows.

3. Patients Love ReelDx

We’ve collected 1000 cases and counting, and no patient or caregiver - ZERO over the past 9 years - has withdrawn consent. Close to 100% of patients consent to be filmed. We have consistently found that patients and their families have a strong and sustained desire to play a role in improving medical education.

4. Excellent professional development for your providers

We’ll train your staff on best practices for case collection and give them training on how to use the technology. Plus, we’ll meet with your staff on a regular basis to review progress and provide support.

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