What are ReelDx Skills?

A brief overview of what ReelDx Skills are and a list of all our currently available ReelDx Skills.

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ReelDx Skills is an innovative way for students to practice essential pre-clinical skills based on peer-reviewed, real patient video cases. They can then print their notes, submit them for review, and get faculty feedback. No other platform allows your students to use real patient video cases to practice these vital skills.

Current Available ReelDx Skills

How It Works

Assigning a Skill to one of our cases also gives faculty the same insight into a patient encounter as their students have, making it easier to assess their work and help them shine! Your students will be better prepared and more confident when transitioning from the classroom to clinical practice.

  1. Create a Course

    Select any ReelDx cases you’d like your students to review to create your course, or have us add one of our sample courses to your account.

  2. Assign ReelDx Skills

    Choose which cases in your course you'd like to assign Skills to and which Skills you'd like them to complete with those cases.

  3. Set a Schedule

    You can set both the availability and due date for the Skill. Or, you can elect to have the Skill available for the entirety of the course.

  4. Student Assessment

    Once a Skill has been completed, you can review students’ submissions and provide them with feedback.

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