ReelDx is an educational platform that is transforming medical education by offering peer reviewed, HIPAA-compliant, real patient video cases.  After login, users arrive at the main "Cases" landing page.  Content may be navigated by searching for a symptom, diagnosis, or case number; and/or filtering by case variables, and sorting by case number or published date.  

The search box allows users to search for cases based on symptom, diagnosis, or other key terms. ReelDx starts to look for matches as soon as you start entering any alphanumeric character, including case numbers.  For example, here’s the first few results when you enter ‘rash’.

Below the search is a checkbox "Only cases with other media." When checked, this further limits the results to only those cases that include other photos, diagnostic results, and supplementary videos in the Actual Outcomes drawers. The cases will show additional Icons on the main screen, as illustrated below.


Use the Case # or Published buttons to sort cases in ascending or descending order by case number or date of publication.


Several additional filters have been provided to help quickly identify and locate case(s) within the library.

1 - Demographics

Chronological Age allows for filtered results based on age range.  The blue slider permits you to limit results beyond general patient age category to a specific numerical age in days, weeks, months or years. 

  • Years (0-110)

  • Months (0-24)

  • Weeks (0-24)

  • Days (0-30)

2 - Organ System

3 - Location

4 - APN Curriculum

5 - CoAEMSP Curriculum

6 - Medical Specialty

7 - ReelDx Libraries

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