There are two different methods to add new users to your ReelDx account. In this article, we'll explain both methods in detail.

Option A: Comma Separated Emails

  1. After logging in, select Members.

  2. Select Add Member.

  3. Enter the email addresses of all the people you’d like grant ReelDx access to. Use a comma (,) to separate the addresses.

4.  Select the Group role to assign to the users you're about to add, based on the permissions you want them to have;

  • Learner – Only has the ability to access any cases/courses/collections that are assigned to them. Learners are not allowed to assign/manage courses or collections, view the usage report, or grant access to other users. 

  • Faculty – Has the ability to access cases, assign/manage courses and collections, and view the usage report. Faculty are not allowed to grant access to other users. 

  • Manager – Can do everything in ReelDx including, accessing all cases/courses, assigning/managing courses and collections, viewing the usage report, or granting access to other users (including other managers).

    5. Directly below the Group Role field, there is a checkbox to delay the email invite until the user is added to a course. Selecting this will prompt ReelDx to automatically send the invite to join only once the new member has been added to a course. We recommend choosing this option when inviting student users, otherwise, they won't see anything when they log into their account, which can cause confusion.

    6. Select Add Members.
    7. A confirmation message displays listing the members that were added.

Option B: Upload File

Pre-Work required: Create an excel file and create three columns exactly like the image below, then add the student information.

  1. After logging in, select Members.

  2. Select Add Member.

  3. Choose the Group Role you'd like to assign to the new users from the drop-down list, just as you would if using Option A.

  4. Use the Browse button to locate the excel file you created. Your screen should look something like this:

5. Select Add Members.
6. A confirmation screen displays. It includes all of the student information from the uploaded file. 

7. Click the confirm button. You will return to the main Group Members screen. A confirmation displays at the top indicating the students were added successfully.

Once a user has been added, their subscription status will initially show Invited. Once they accept their email invitation and finish setting up their account, their status will change to active.

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