When you create collections with ReelDx, you have the option to select which content you’d like your students to see, and hide the rest. You can hide content indefinitely, or use the “Schedule” function to automate when cases and drawers show and hide.

Step 1: Log in to ReelDx and go a collection

Note: Faculty can only hide and schedule case content within collections that they own, or collections that are “unlocked.”

Step 2: Select “Schedule”

The Scheduling dashboard shows the visibility status of every case and drawer in the collection. Each row displays a case, and each column is an aspect of that case. Case visibility is indicated by the status bar in the column to the left of the case I.D. Drawer visibility is indicated by the colored squares on the right side of the table.

  • If the status is Green, the content is visible to students in the collection.

  • If the status is Green with a date, the content is currently visible to students, but will be hidden on the listed date.

  • If the status is Yellow, the content is temporarily hidden from students in the collection, but is scheduled to appear on the date in the status box.

  • If the status is Gray, the content is hidden from students until you change that status manually.

Note: Cases and drawers are visible to students in the colleciton by default.

Step 3: Set or change case or drawer visibility

  1. Check the boxes next to cases you’d like to hide or schedule.

  2. Select “Set Visibility for Selected” in the top right corner of your screen.

The “Set Visibility” window contains switches that control the visibility for the Case (or cases) and for each of the Drawers.

To Hide A Case:

  • click the switch under the “Case” heading. The switch will turn from green to gray.

  • From here, you have the option to schedule the case to show after a certain date, and/or until a certain date.

  • Select the calendar and time icons to set “Show After” and/or “Show Until” dates. If you set a “Show Until” date, that case will be visible until that date arrives.

To Hide Drawers:

  • Click the switch next to the drawer(s) you would like to hide. The switch will turn from green to gray.

  • From here, you can schedule drawers to reappear, or keep them hidden until you change the status manually.

  • To schedule drawers to reappear, use the calendar and time icons next to the drawer visibility switch.

Step 4: Select “Save” at the top of the “Set Visibility” window.

Your settings should be reflected in the case visibility status boxes in the table, and in the "visibility badges" on case thumbnails

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