There may be certain times when you only want students to see certain content, or wish to disable or completely hide some parts of the case. When you need to do this, use the Limit Sections feature. Note: You can always go back and update settings to show any information that was previously disabled or hidden.

  • Show – displays all the information available for that specific section of the case
  • Disable – grays out the selected section; the student can’t click to expand the section and learn more
  • Hide – completely hides this section from the student
  1. After logging in, select the Courses link in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the course that you would like to completely hide or disable parts of the cases from your student(s).
  3. Select Limit Sections to go to the Turn On/Off Case Sections screen.
  4. Now manage the case sections. a) Select the case you would like to manage to apply these changes to. b) Select the users the changes will apply to. c) Then select the sections you would like to Show, Disable, or Hide.
  5. Select Set Sections to save your changes.
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