Create a Collection
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Step 2: Select Create Collection.

Step 3: Enter a Collection name and description.

Step 4: Select the type of access you’d like to grant.

  • Invite Access (default) – allows you to add/invite specific students to the collection

  • Group Access – allows all members of your group (all students and faculty) to access

Step 5: Select the collection owner

Step 6: Use the check box to “lock” or “unlock” the collection.

When a collection is unlocked, all faculty and managers in the group can edit the collection. When a collection is “locked,” only the Collection Owner and group manager can edit the course.

Step 7: Select "Create Collection."

A confirmation message, "Your course was successfully created", displays.

Note: Once the collection has been created, notice that you can click on the course name, which now displays in the navigation bar.

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