If you haven't received an email from ReelDx that you know you should be getting, such as an invite to join your organization's account or an invoice to keep your account active, there's a good chance that they may be ending up in your spam or junk folder. You can prevent this from happening by whitelisting the reeldx.com email domain.

While the process to whitelist a domain is fairly simple, it does vary depending on which email client you're using. Below are instructions for whitelisting a domain for Gmail and Outlook. If your organization uses a different email client, or if the issue persists after following the below steps, you should contact your IT department for assistance.

How to Whitelist an Email in Gmail

  1. Click the gear icon in Gmail and select "See all settings" from the Quick settings menu.

  2. Navigate to "Filters and Blocked Addresses" in the top menu.

  3. Select "Create a new filter."

  4. Add a specific email or a whole domain in the "From" field.

  5. Click "Create filter."

  6. Check "Never send it to Spam" in the checkbox.

  7. Click "Create filter."

How to Whitelist an Email in Outlook

  1. Click the gear icon in Outlook and select "View all Outlook settings."

  2. Select "Mail" from the settings menu.

  3. Choose "Junk email" from the submenu.

  4. Click "Add" under "Safe senders and domains."

  5. Enter the email address that you want whitelisted.

  6. Choose "Save."

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