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See how our collections work. Build your own or have us add one of our pre-made collections to your account.

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One of the many useful tools in the ReelDx video library is the ability to create collections, tailored to fit your specific learning objectives for your students. Unlike our Catalog Courses, collections are, well, completely customizable! With nearly 700 real patient video cases covering 1000+ topics, the possibilities are endless.

How It Works

Creating a ReelDx collection isn’t just a handy way for you to save your favorite cases. It's also an excellent tool for you to build lessons around specific topics that are vital to your students’ education. From teaching your students the specifics of certain organ systems to supplementing their clinical experience, the ReelDx library has cases that can help you achieve your goals.

When creating collections, faculty users can not only select which cases their students are assigned, but they can also customize what information in those cases students have access to at any given time. For example, if you want to hide the final diagnosis so that your students can make their own predictions before being given the answer, you can easily do that with the click of a button!

Create Your Collection

Browse our library to find the perfect cases, or work with our team to build a collection.

Choose Your ReelDx Skills Assignments

You can assign any of our ReelDx Skills for your students to complete with the collection.

Set Your Schedule

You have complete control over when cases, or even the individual drawers inside the case, are visible to your students.

Invite Your Students

Easily browse the list of current student users to give them access to the collection, or invite them by email.

Requesting Pre-Made Collections

We’ve created more than 30 sample collections for programs like yours, with more being added regularly. Each of these collections is customizable to fit your program's cohort schedule. We can easily load any of these sample collections into your account so that you can spend less time setting them up and more time focusing on what matters most; engaging with your students.

If you're an existing ReelDx user and you'd like to have collections added to your account, contact us at

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