Student View of ReelDx Skills
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When a student opens a course they're assigned to, each case that has a Skill assignment will have a notification on the case thumbnail.

When they open a case with assigned skills, they will see a new drawer for each Skill that was assigned. The SOAP Note, SBAR, Vital Signs and Differential Diagnosis drawers are where the student will submit these assignments.

When a student user opens a Skills drawer, they can fill in the blank text boxes with their answers, or alternatively, multiple choice boxes to check, depending on the Skill assigned.

*Please Note: Students' answers are automatically saved, in case they need to revisit them before they submit the skill. Once a skill is submitted, students can not edit the textboxes any more.

Getting Instructor Feedback on ReelDx Skills

After you've reviewed a student's Skill submission, they will see a notification on the case thumbnail letting them know there is feedback waiting for them.

They will now see a new indication on the Skills drawer that has been reviewed. When they open the draw, a new text area will appear showing them the instructor's feedback on the assignment.

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