Assigning ReelDx Skills

A detailed guide on how to assign ReelDx Skills to the cases in your course.

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ReelDx Skills are tools for educators to assess their students' knowledge using a ReelDx case. This article will show you how to use Skills in your ReelDx experience.

  1. From your ReelDx homepage, click on the Courses tab.

2. Select the course you would like to assign Skills to. If you haven't yet created a course, you can follow our guides on course creation, or request that we add some of our pre-made courses from our ReelDx Course Catalog.

3. Once your course is selected, press the Student Skills button.

4. Select the checkmark next to the case that you would like to assign a Skill to.

5. Click on Schedule Skills.

6. Use the slider to assign Skills to the case.

Grey = No Skills assigned Green = Skills assigned

7. Select date/time the Skill will be visible on the case assigned and select date/time that it will be due. After the due date, the assignment will no longer be available for students to complete.

8. Press Save to keep the changes you have made.

Please note that if you assign more than one ReelDx Skill, the Skills will appear in order. When Vital Sign interpretation is assigned, it will hide all other drawers, except for the Vitals and Demographics, until the student has submitted an answer. When Differential Diagnosis is assigned, this Skill will become available after the Vitals Signs Interpretation has been completed. All other drawers and Skills, except for the Vitals and Demographics drawer and the Vital Sign Interpretation skill, will be hidden until the student has submitted an answer.

Now that your Skill is assigned, we'll show you how to check student answers on your course dashboard.

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