Copy (Duplicate) a Collection

Describes how to duplicate an existing collection, with or without students, and reuse it as a starting point to create a new collection.

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Use these instructions when you'd like to do one of the following:

  1. Copy the previous semester's collection and create multiple sections of the same collection, then add a new batch of students.

  2. Quickly move your current group of students who were are enrolled for collection A to collection B. This feature enables you to copy a collection, give it a new name, and bring with it all cases, all students, or both.

  3. Change the Collection Owner to any other faculty or manager in your group, even if you do not have “manager” credentials.

1. After logging in, select Collections.

2. Find the specific collection you would like to copy and select the duplicate icon.

3. Once the duplicate window displays, enter a new collection name and description. Tip: You'll want to use a name and/or description that makes it easy for you to remember what the difference between the two collections are.

5. Determine the type of access you'd like to grant

i. Invite Access (default) – allows you to add/invite specific students to the collection.

ii. Group Access – allows all members of your group (all students and faculty) to access

6. Select the collection owner. When duplicating a collection, faculty can select any faculty or manager in their group to be the collection owner.

7. Use the check box to “lock” or “unlock” the collection. When a collection is unlocked, all faculty and managers in the group can edit the collection. When a collection is “locked,” only the Collection Owner and group manager can edit the course.

8. Use the checkboxes to select whether you'd like to copy over the cases, copy over the existing students assigned to the collection, or both.

9. Select Create Collection. A confirmation message displays in the blue banner.

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