Collection Activity Report & Dashboard
Student collection activity dashboard and exportable report
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Use the Reporting feature to track student completion.

1. After logging in, select the Collections link in the upper left corner of the screen.

2. Select the blue spreadsheet icon in the upper right portion of the Colleciton screen to see the main Collections Dashboard.

3. The list of students that are enrolled in the collection displays. By default, the dashboard will open showing the Case Usage view, which displays if the case video and case drawers have been viewed by the student.

4. Use the green plus icon to the left of the student's name to expand the row and find details about which cases the student has viewed.

5. To view ReelDx Skills submissions, click on the corresponding Skill in the Report Type section. From here, you can expand the view for each student by clicking the green plus sign next to their name just as you can in the Case Usage view.

6. To download a copy, click on "Export" while in the Report Type that you wish to download the data for. Depending on your browser, you may need to choose a destination for the file. File will export as collection_usage_data.csv.

7. Open the spreadsheet, to view the following usage information:

  • Student name & email address

  • Case name & number

  • Whether the case was viewed

  • How many times & how long the case was viewed

  • Which section(s) were viewed

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