Add Cases to a Collection
This article describes two methods for adding cases to a course.
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There are two ways to add cases to a collection. The first is to use the “+” button on a case thumbnail, or within a case page. The second method is to add cases from within the collection page, by selecting multiple cases from a list.

Method 1: Add Case to Collection with "+" Button

As you navigate through the case library, each case will have a green “+” on the top-right corner of the thumbnail:

The same “+” button appears inside each case, following the title:

When you select the “+”, a window appears with a list of all of your group’s collections:

From here, you can scroll through your entire collection list. You can use the tabs to sort the list by Collection Name or Owner, check the box to only view collections you own, or search for a collection by name in the search bar:

Using the buttons opposite the collection titles, add or remove the selected case from any collection that you own, or any collection that is unlocked.

Select the “+” next to the collection title to add the case to it. If the selected is already in a collection, you can select the “-” to remove it from that collection:

If a collection is “locked” and you do not own it, you cannot add or remove the case from that collection. The “+” or “-” will appear gray.

Method 2: Add Cases to a Collection from Within the Collection

After logging in, select the Collections link in the upper left corner of the screen.

Select the collection you would like to manage.

Select Add Cases and select the case(s) you would like to add to the collection. Tip: Use the search or filter field to quickly find the case(s) you’re looking for.

Once the cases are added, you return to the main collection overview screen and can see that the new cases have been added to the collection.

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