Once a course has been created, it’s now time to assign the course to your student(s). Students will receive an email to join ReelDx once you’ve assigned them a course.

  1. Select the course you’d like to assign.

  2. Select the users icon.

  3. Now assign the course to your students by email or selecting from a list.

    Add by Email – Enter the email addresses of all the students you’d like to assign to the course. Use a comma (,) to separate the addresses. Note: If the student is not a registered user of ReelDx, an error occurs when you attempt to register the student using an email address that is not in the system.
    Add by List – select all of the students you’d like to add. Note: If you don’t see the student’s name, use the search feature or select More. If the student name or information doesn’t appear, please ask your Group Manager or Administrator to first add them to your Group.

  4. Select Add Members to enroll the students in the course; the list of students currently enrolled for this course displays.

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